Some Gifts Just Keep Giving

Shared this on my ministry blog today and thought I’d post it here as well. It’s just for fun. Hope you enjoy it!

Forbid Them Not's Blog

I promised quite a long time ago to share this story, so here it finally is. The following was adapted from a newsletter written in January, 2004. Hope you enjoy it!

Some gifts just keep giving.They make memories and they liven up both your life and your home. In December of 2003, I was given such a gift.

A dear Russian babushka, whom I had been visiting for a long time, found out in November of that year that I was going to have a birthday. She began planning and scheming, trying to come up with the “appropriate” gift. I assured her it was not necessary, but she insisted she would find something. After some time she made her decision. On her kitchen wall hung two large, pottery platters. One was decorated with rather nice green flowers; the other bore a painting of a young couple in traditional…

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