I wrote my first story before I even finished kindergarten. I started keeping a journal before I was twelve. Reading back over that journal, I’m reminded that I was always looking—hoping—for some sort of adventure or mystery. I remember lying awake one night, on the top bunk in the back of the travel trailer we were living in at the time, staring out the window at a pinpoint of light in the darkness. I was sure someone was out there. We were staying on the property where a new church was being built, and I was certain someone was plotting against the project. Maybe they were going to steal the building materials. Maybe they were going to overtake the entire neighborhood with crime and debauchery. Maybe… they were the little light on the electric meter.

With an imagination like that, I never thought my first published work would be non-fiction, nor that I would have several other non-fiction works in progress before it had even been on the market a year. But, that is what God had for my life, and I wouldn’t change it. I hope that these books will be a blessing and encouragement to you as you grow and walk with the Lord. He has certainly blessed me as I have worked on them.


In All Thy Ways
A Devotional Journal

King's Daughter: A Story of Redemption

King’s Daughter: A Story of Redemption

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